Sound Information #30 – Andrew Garton and Kelly Churko

Andrew Garton teams up with Canadian born, Tokyo resident noise artist and guitarist, Kelly Churko. They perform Steel Red Sky Drift, a piece based around Garton’s distinctive vocals.

Performed live at Soup, Oichia, Tokyo, 23 August 2008.

Sound Information #29 – Garton live at Soup, Tokyo

On the eighth day of the eighth month of two thousand and eight I performed an entirely new solo set to mark the launch of my new album, Son of Science.

At 11 pm I stepped into one of the simplest set up’s I’ve used in years, tipping into the unknown at Soup, the undisputed underground venue for Tokyo’s noise and ambient scene. The ideas for the piece were first formulated in Brisbane when working on the recent Terminal Quartet piece, Licht Drift.

The delivery was more in keeping with my former Fierce Throat pieces and was an entirely enjoyable, if but intense experience to realise! I was to play some acoustic guitar treatments, but couldn’t stop the PA from feeding back… I was perched just above the sub! Guitar will have to wait!

The entire evening was a splendid, reverberant evening of new, fresh and solid sound works from the crew at Soup, including the delightful Paul(ie) Dunphy (aka Evil Penguin).

Sound Information #28 – Terminal Quartet: Licht Drift

Licht Drift, inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s epic operatic cycle, Licht, is based on four movements, each movement draws references from sacred music, sounds and text the world over.

Performed by Brisbane based sound artists and composers Andy Kettle, Lawrence English, Julian Knowles and the nomadic Andrew Garton.

Licht Drift was performed at the Brisbane ccSalon – a satellite event to the first Building an Australian Commons conference, 24 June 2008.

  • 1st Movement: Andrew Garton
  • 2nd Movement: Lawrence English
  • 3rd Movement: Andy Kettle
  • 4th Movement: Julian Knowles
  • 5th Movement: Garton, English, Kettle, Knowles

Sound Information #27 – Son of Science Ensemble live ambient

Son of Science Ensemble live ambient set at Horse Bazaar, Melbourne, August 5 2007. Garton’s farewell gig!

Sound Information #26 – Law and Garton live, Lismore, NSW

Steve Law (Zen paradox) and Andrew Garton (Son of Science, Headlock) live at the Uni Bar, Southern Cross University, Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia – 24 February 2007.