Sound Information #33 – Garton Live, Kommetjie, Cape Town

Live, warts ‘n’ all recording of an opening set for Camp Sunset Oasis, Southern Right Hotel, Kommetjie, Cape Town. It was the 1st of August. The recording contains the occasional banter of DJ’s and sound technicians as they complete the installation of the fold-back during my set. It makes for a rather amusing soundscape given most of my set was created with voice with two Headlock style pieces thrown in for good measure.

From the mailout:

Andrew Garton (aka Fierce Throat, Lost Time Accident) performs solo voice with oral microphone, hard curve saturation and open licensed visuals.

Garton is an Australian composer working within a diverse arts practice that has seen him perform and exhibit internationally for near on 30 years. He brings to his new performance works inspiration from the music and cultural practices of the indigenous communities of Borneo, the makams that form the basis of traditional Turkish music to the theatrics and shrill songs of the Awa Odori festivals of Japan. Garton comes to Cape Town from a global nomadic tour having recently performed in Japan, Austria and Sarawak both solo and with his Terminal Quartet.