Sound Information #31 – With A Will Base Metal Zone

Performed live by Andrew Garton (voice, processing) and Kelly Churko (noise) , With A Will Base Metal Zone grows from a text by Sydney based writer/filmmaker, David Nerlich.

Garton has performed countless versions of Nerlich’s original text, With A Will, with as many collaborators. This is a unique “noise” interpretation of this work from two consumate artists.

Performed live at Soup, Oichia, Tokyo, 23 August 2008.

Sound Information #23 – Featuring Bencerto and Sydney’s Mesh

This podcast features a new composition, Bencerto and a live performance work from the Sydney based improvisation trio, Mesh.

Featuring Ross Bencina (Audiomulch), David Nerlich (Mesh) and Andrew Garton performing Bencerto (2004). Including a piece from Sydney improvisation trio, Mesh, performed in 1996 at The Performance Space.

Sound Information #11 – Garton and Curtis live at Submerge

Andrew Garton and Justina Curtis, live at Submerge, 30 January 2005.

Featuring opening underscore by Boro Cloth (Rostov, Russia) and text by David Nerlich performed by Garton, (Melbourne, Australia).